A three-day journey from Mae Hong Son, through a wild jungle, lost in the mountains of northern Thailand, Lukpako is another of the many small villages in the area. The region is populated by semi-nomadic tribes who migrated from Tibet, Myanmar, China and Laos.

In Lukpako there are 30 families living in the White Karen tribe, which takes its name from the white dress girls should wear until marriage.

We did workshops with the full support of teachers and the approval of the village chief in the tiny but friendly school attended by 47 children from three villages.

While the little ones were entertained drawing at will, the others worked in different laboratories. With papers bought in Chiang Mai draw the everyday actions of the village, and did in collage “the houses where we live.” With crayons and markers reconstructed "the school” Joining games, competition and art, we created an installation in a recreation area linking stones in two parallel lines, transforming the space game with only reorder the items.

It was especially nice to enjoy the wonder of children with many colors.