Workshops on peace education in schools in Catalonia, 2011

Educational program of workshops where we use art as a tool for educating for peace and positive transformation of conflicts.

The union of art and peace, part of the idea that the qualities required artwork (perseverance, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, activity, commitment, sensitivity, patience, trust, etc..) Are enabled to work the transformation necessary conflict.

Thus, we use art as a methodological tool for educating for peace because:

1. Enhances the development of thought.
2. Works the use of intellectual strategies such as analysis, comprehension, interpretation and resolution of problems.
3. Stimulates the senses.
4. Strengthens the identity (from the artistic experience the child finds a way to represent and represent the world).
5. Power capacity to express, evaluate, interpret, understand, represent, communicate, imagine, etc. that surrounds us.
It is about what we take brings the art to understand the reality, by examining a way questioning the phenomena that surround us and you have to help build "visions" and "versions" alternatives not only to everyday experiences, but also in dealing with conflicts and different realities.

The workshops are designed to be within the scope of formal education. Specifically, are intended for children and young people from nursery schools, primary and secondary.

The project consists of general objectives are supplemented by specific objectives that are developed in the workshops.

General objectives:
Transmit knowledge, values ​​and attitudes of peace education
Using art as a tool for transformation
Working in a participatory, dynamic and experiential
Promote the development of people involved and engaged with the world around them
Develop a critical and transformative