Varanasi, previously Benares, is perhaps the most sacred city of India. We made workshops with the house of Shivan, in a poor neighborhoodnear the ghats, the steps that plunge into the holy river.

The parties of the Goddess Durga were around and city schools were closed, but we could organize workshops with the help of Pintu, a boy ofjust 13 who did not go to school and looking for life among the tourists.

We made pictures and we studied the characteristics of each one, we made a collage of the city from their rooftops and then draw from theghats. As if it were a photograph, appeared ancient palaces, big trees,domes, monkeys, sacred cows and men walking with their lunguis.

Using the language of "Land Art", we built a giant ring for Mother Ganga(as they like to call the river) with the remains left by the monsoon on the beach on the other side.

This was a workshop survey and made us see again the need for proposals of expression and communication with children, especiallythose living in disadvantaged situations, to develop education andtraining as individuals.