French School

The public French scool of Mboro sue Mer (Mboro Ndeund Kat), is situated in the center of the village that separates the neighborhoods of the ethnic Poul and the ethnic Wolof. It is located a few meters from the Arabic school, the maternal school, and a small ambulatory. The school counts on 5, 63 meter squared classrooms, each one, of those that can only 3 are used  due to the reparations that need the insuficcient assistance of the children. Many parents do not consider necesary the assistance to the school and see more importantly that the child knows well the work of fishing. Other parents send their children to the koranic school, where children learn the Quran, during some hours a day.

The school has running water outside the classroom and a freshwater well. It also has two toilets in deplorable conditions, one for boys andone for girls. We asked the school director, Mr Daouda Ben Babacar, forhelp to deal with the various repairs that the school needs. In 2007,during the construction of the new schoo,l replacing the Arabic ruinedcabin where the children studied, there were several repairs in theFrench school:

- Repair of large holes in the roof metal sheet
- Replace rusted hinges and locks (the oxide is one of the most serious problems of the village, as it is on the beach).
- sanding and varnishing the doors and windows.
- Repairs on the steps of the facade.
- Replacement of the national flag.
- Painting the interior walls.
- Repairing and painting of the board.

During the time he suffered the village in late August 2009, part of thesheet metal roof of the school was demolished and replaced by thetraditional form-based construction of fishing rods and nets, a plasticinsulating through the structure. This traditional structure will be implemented throughout the school, removing all the metal plates thatare severely damaged by rust it.