Encourage the education of children through art

Creart is a Non Governmental Organization for Development (NGODs) secular, independent, and nonprofit that works to improve the quality of education of children and their living conditions. We work in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America to support the most disadvantaged populations and marginalized children, through projects of cooperation for development, as well as activities of sensibility, and education for peace. We strongly believe that education is the first step to disadvantaged communities to step up. We cooperate through art as a tool for a positive transformation of conflicts. We use art as therapy and psychosocial support for children suffering from difficult situations caused by war, natural disasters or other extreme situations. We organize creative workshops and artistic expression to deal with conflict in a positive and educational form, to reduce negative thinking, non-violent struggle, creativity, confidence, and self esteem and active participation. We work for an education of decency and quality by building and improving educational facilities and training teachers, educators, social workers and volunteers to provide new clues in psychosocial assistance to children, and education in values and cultural peace.