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CREART as non-governmental development organization working to improve the quality of education and living conditions of the most important: children.

This work is made possible through the collaboration of individuals, associations, institutions and companies that help us achieve our goals

From CREART thank all those who want to contribute to our work for a more caring world

  • Art Bike Tour

    Art Bike Tour

    Art Bike Tour ofrece salidas guiadas por las principales galerías de arte contemporáneo de Barcelona, con un medio sostenible, ameno, rápido y divertido como es la bicicleta. ¡Descubre la faceta más cultural y artística de Barcelona e involúcrate en eventos culturales, inauguraciones en galerías y exposiciones de arte!

  • La Pescaderia

    La Pescaderia

    This charming restaurant is located at the entrance to the port and Paseo de la Alameda Tarifa, which offers all the delights of the two seas, working with Creart in the making of "solidarity dinner of friends" for fundraising.

  • UNIS


    The United Nations International School in New York supports the proposed creation of the library to the fishing village of Mboro sur Mer, Senegal, through various solidarity actions carried out by children from the center.

  • Evil Records

    Evil Records

    Record company dedicated to electronic music. Collaborates with Creart in the dissemination of our work and campaigns.

  • Fabrica De Flyers

    Fabrica De Flyers

    Sector Company of high-end printers in Barcelona. Its main activity goes beyond design, printing and distributing flyers. Creart collaborates with the design and production of printed material.

  • Relats Fotogràfics Carme Esteve

    Relats Fotogràfics Carme Esteve

    Photojournalism initiative focused on North-South issues, cultural diversity and art of dance. Collaboration with CREART in the realization of photographic services and assignment photography.

  • Cincobolas


    Center for Teaching and production of image and window dressing. Collaborates with Creart in public awareness campaigns and fundraising.

  • Deco Tarifa

    Deco Tarifa

    Space for home design with natural seal from Tarifa. Maintained with Creart a commitment to close collaboration. They participate in financial support, dissemination and providing ideas and strategies.

  • Fundation Tomado Conciencia

    Fundation Tomado Conciencia

    Is a ONG that has the objective of helping childhood by the access to education, food, and health, using audiovisual and artistic media channels.